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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Dentists

CPD is defined as study, training, courses, seminars, reading and other activities undertaken by you, which could reasonably be expected to advance your professional development as a dentist or dental care professional. Non-clinical activity can count as CPD.

It is required by law that all dentists must do and keep records of 250 hours of CPD over every five-year cycle. At least 75 of these 250 hours must be verifiable CPD. The purpose of CPD is to provide high-quality patient care. It is very important that the CPD you do takes into account the needs of your patients and is relevant to your practice.


Verifable CPD

In order to count CPD as verifable an activity must meet all four of the following conditions:

1 You must get and keep a certificate (or other type of documentary proof) proving you took part in the activity. The certificate should come from the activity provider or organiser, and should show the number of hours you spent on the activity.

The activity itself must have:

2 ‘concise educational aims and objectives’ – the activity should have a clear purpose or goal;

3 ‘clear anticipated outcomes’ – you should know what you can expect to gain as a result of taking part in the activity; and

4 ‘quality controls’ – you should have the chance to
give feedback, with a view to improving quality.

General CPD

General CPD activities are those which contribute to your professional development as a dentist or dental care professional, but do not meet all four of the criteria (above) for verifiable CPD. Examples might include journal reading and private study.

Please visit the General Dental Council website where you can find out more information about CPD requirements for dentists and other dental professionals: CPD Requirements

You may also download detailed guidance in the pdf format: CPD Guidance for Dentists


How to get all your verifable CPD

Probably the easiest way to get all your verifable CPDs (for dentists only) is to order the "CPD Cycle Pack". It contains 4 editions of a publication which enables you to get verifable CPDs for the whole 5 year cycle. You should simply read the articles, answer the questionnaires and receive certificates for the number of hours you complete. You may also submit questions online.

To order your CPD pack with a unique PIN code please click on the button below:

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