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Professional Dental Indemnity Insurance

All active dentists in the UK are required to have adequate and appropriate arrangements so patients can claim any compensation they may be entitled to. There is no specific definition of "adequate and appropriate" arrangements, however, it is advisable a dentist has cover from one of the main three indemnity organisations.

Some overseas dentists had arrangements with the insurance companies from their home countries so they were covered for treatments carried out in the UK. However in many cases the maximum claim amount was not satisfactory for the PCT and the registration was either delayed or put on hold until appropriate indemnity cover was in place. We have heard of a few cases where a PCT initially accepted overseas indemnity cover and registered a dentist, but later requested a change to UK cover. This is probably caused by a lack of specific regulations about dental indemnity cover.

Therefore we strongly advise dentists to obtain dental indemnity cover from one of the organisations listed below:

•  Dental Protection Limited (Medical Protection Society)

•  Dental Defence Union (Medical Defence Union)

•  Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland

The cost of dental indemnity cover can be deducted from taxable income if you are self employed dentist. It is often best to pay it in monthly instalments. However, before you can pay for your indemnity insurance you will need to have a UK bank account. Sometimes it is difficult for overseas dentists who do not have a UK bank account yet. Therefore some employers offer help and pay the first instalments on your behalf and later deduct it from your pay. If you have a friend or a relative with a UK bank account you can also ask him to pay the first instalments.

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