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Please note that Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) have been abolished as of 1st April 2013.

However, some information on this website still apply and you might find it useful. Therefore we decided to leave it.

Up to date information on how to apply for an entry onto a performers list can be found here: National Performers List

Required documents and an application form is on the NHS England website.

PCT registration

An NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) is a type of NHS trust, part of the National Health Service in England, that provides some primary and community services or commission them from other providers, and are involved in commissioning secondary care. In Scotland and Wales the equivalent of a PCT is called a Local Health Board (LHB). Registration with a PCT (LHB) is compulsory for all dentists wishing to treat patients under the NHS. Registration with LHB's in Scotland and Wales is very similar to the registration process with PCT's.

Recently, many PCTs started calling themselves NHS and then the name of their geographical area, for example Bedfordshire PCT is now called NHS Bedfordshire. Click here for a list of all PCT's in England.

There are now 152 PCTs (reduced from 303 in Oct 2006). Each PCT has its own registration procedure and its own requirements. Some accept documents sent by post, others require a dentist to come in by person to conduct an ID check. Some have straight rules and a quick registration process, others can prolong registration for months and keep asking for documents which should not be required from EU citizens. Therefore it may be a good idea for the first time registrant to use services or get some advice and guidance from an experienced recruitment consultancy or an employer with experience in dealing with PCT registrations. If you need to register with a PCT yourself please keep records of all your correspondence with the PCT.

Standard set of documents required by PCT's usually includes:

- completed application form

- GDC certificate (original)

- GDC annual practising certificate (original)

- Indemnity certificate (original) - see details here

- approved language certificate (original) - see table here

- medical diploma (original or true copy + English translation)

- completed UK CRB application with supporting documents

- Criminal Records Check from Overseas (original + English translation)

- Medical results for level of antibodies for Hep B, Hep C, HIV and Tuberculosis (usually the results for Hep B and C do not require translations as they are shown in numbers, the other results should be translated if they are not in English)


A UK Criminal Records Check (CRB) is widely required by most PCT's. However some follow the advice of the CRB itself and only require a CRB from the applicant's country of residence. The supporting documents required for the UK CRB as well as guidance on how to fill in the form can be found here. Usually an applicant should send one proof of ID (original passport or ID card) and two proofs of address (also originals). The CRB issued a statement allowing PCT's to accept ID confirmation as issued by a British Embassies, instead of a passport or ID card. However some PCT's do not accept this and require individuals to send original documents. Therefore it is advisable to use a courier to send these documents. Some PCT's even go a step further and require an applicant to come in person for the ID check.

It is worth making note of your CRB reference number which is located on the first pager and usually starts with letter "F". Once your UK CRB application is submitted by the PCT to the CRB, you will be able to track progress of the application using the reference number on the following website:

A CRB from overseas is often required if you are still residing outside the UK. More information on obtaining the certificate can be found here (see on the left for info on specific country). Polish applicants should click here for the application and list of places where they can apply for the certificate.



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