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If you are a practice owner you know very well how hard it is to run the practice. You are responsible for complying with all the rules, dealing with the NHS, staffing, equipment, etc. New CQC and decontamination requirements made it even more difficult. For some practice owners it means they will have to spend thousands of pounds to comply with the rules, and may not see this money being recoup, or increasing their business’ value.

Furthermore, when new contracts come into force, nobody knows how more complicated it will be. There is likely to be less dentists interested in running and buying a dental practice, therefore value of practices’ goodwill is predicted to fall sharply.

We think it is the best time to sell your practice now. Even if you do not want to retire now, you may still remain at the practice as an associate or principal dentist. You will no longer have to worry about all the stuff above, will have much more time to spent with your family and more money in your account.  

If you are interested in getting a no obligation and confidential call from a practice acquisition team, please let us know what would be the most convenient time to call you. 

Please email Chris or call him on 0778 2345607 (also in the evenings and weekends).







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