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"Understanding NHS Dentistry" book - 2nd edition

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New edition of "Understanding NHS Dentistry" book is now available. This revised and expanded publication is highly recommended, not only to dentists just starting work in the UK.


What’s in the book?

Part 1 – Introduction to the contract
Part one starts with brief overview  of the 2006 contract, covering who’s who, the types of contract, regulations and services as well as where you can get more information. “Setting the scene” takes the reader through the various attempts to reform the dental contract, going back to 1964 and coming forward to the 2010 White Paper; as such, this chapter points the way to future developments. Commissioning both now and in the future is covered in the next chapter. The final chapter, “The dental team working together”, will be especially useful for those new to the NHS, showing where they fit within both the practice and the profession.

Part 2 – Working with the contract:
This part answers the questions that arise in the day-to-day running of a practice: taking on patients, the services you offer, as well as the complications that can arise when trying to deliver good patient care. It addresses questions such as:

• What are UDAs?
• What is in each patient charge band?
• What is meant by “all necessary care and treatment”?
• How often should I recall patients?
• When can I “mix” private and NHS treatment?
• When and how should I refer patients?

Part 3 – Running a practice:
As its title suggests, this part is aimed primarily at practice owners and Contractors, but associates and Performers need to know how a practice works and why they are being asked to work in particular way. It examines good working relationships between owners and associates, how your contract value is made up and divided between dentists in the practice. It also deals with some of the less welcome sides of the contract: monitoring, disputes and complaints. Finally, there is a chapter on understanding clinical governance and what is needed for compliance.

Part 4 – Future planning:
The changes which have come about since 2006 “necessitate a radical rethink of the business model of running a general dental practice and require dentists to revisit their business strategy.” This is the focus of the fourth and final part of the book. The next few years will be characterized by continuing change; managing this will be the challenge for practices in the future.

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